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Available in 30+ languages

Including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and many others

Compatible with all your favourite content on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+

No matter whether it is a western movie from the 80s or the latest fantasy TV show, we are there for you, ready to translate your favourite content.

Powered by WordReference

Besides the instant translation of the subtitles, you can dive in the meaning of a specific word. A popup dictionary will help you to get all the nuances of a specific word.

Pause to translate

As soon as you pause the movie the subtitle is translated to your favourite language.
You can easily navigate subtitles in case you want to focus on a previous sentence.

Focus just on a word or on the whole sentence

Besides the translation of the subtitle, we provide a per word detail of the translation. By clicking on a specific word you can get the full translation from WordReference

Track and test what you learnt

Once you identified a term you do not know, you can add it to your personal vocabulary and review it later.

Simple, light and intuitive. My spanish teacher suggested to watch movies to improve my listening skills and vocabulary. Masterlang feels like the the right way to do it.


I recently moved to UK and watching movies with Masterlang has become my favourite activity in the evening to relax while improving my English comprehension.


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